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Classiest Clothing

It's time to get ahead and jump on board the trend train - here's our ultimate guide to the 2019 trends from the catwalk.

The Fashion Month dust has settled, we’ve finally emptied out our cases from Paris Fashion Week outside show venues. We’ve done our Spring Summer 2019 fashion trends research, and now we’d say it’s high time for some next-season wardrobe plotting. Let’s face it, it’s never too early to start that wish-list – especially if you want more than a hope in hell of getting your hands on that Gucci bum bag. So, what did we learn from the NY/London/Milan/Paris Fashion Week whirl? We’ve got two words – Something Special.

If you’re not the kind of person who cares to follow seasonal trends and instead strives for some sort of continuity from year to year, you might gravitate toward a simple, classic wardrobe. We do roundups of great basics a few times a year, but for this edition, we thought we’d try to pinpoint the 50 classic closet pieces that can get you through almost any occasion: perfect white shirts, the exact shoes you need, and the one luxury bag to save up for, to name a few.

As you reassess your wardrobe for spring, now’s the time to make sure you have foolproof classics like a denim jacket, a basic trench, and a silk square scarf. Click on to see our picks.