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While Instagram is a place for inspiration and visual wonder - there is nothing more satisfying than being able to buy that thing you love RIGHT NOW! How many times we have found our self in a rabbit hole hunting down that pair of shoes, that beautiful dress, those sexy intimate lingerie, sunglasses and jewelry or random gift ideas - countless!! We're thrilled to be part of this pilot and to have our customers experience the next generation of shopping via Instagram. 

An overwhelming majority of Amazing Galaxy ' Jerry's Apparel ' customers originally discovered our brand through word-of-mouth - either directly from a friend or through social media - and Instagram continues to be a key discovery platform for us. The development of a native and authentic shopping experience on the platform has taken discovery to the next level for customers. 

Our partnership with Instagram has been very successful . Traditionally, our customer had turned to Instagram for inspiration, and we're seeing that they are reacting positively to the new shopping experience, which allows theme to seamlessly tap and shop the product - going from inspiration to information to purchase in just a few steps - we're exited to see where the feature continues to take us.

We have seen that nearly 43% of people who tap to learn more about a product visit our site through ' Shop Now