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What's the difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt?

Written by Jerry Calisi


Posted on September 21 2021

Both Sweater and Sweatshirt are designed to keep you warm.

The sweater is made of woolen material. It is a soft and elastic material. The sweater has a dressy look that can be worn with a dress-like shirt, t-shirt. The front side of the sweater is two types which are open or close type. the neck of the sweater is designed as a turtleneck, v-neck, or round neck. In the U.K, they call the sweater a “Jumper”.


The sweatshirt is made with sweatshirt fleece which is a heavy fabric material on one side and soft cotton on another side. The sweatshirt also having two types like close front or open front which may or may not have a hood. It is commonly worn with sweatpants which make as sweatsuit. In the U.K, they call the sweatshirt as “Jersey”. 




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