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Tropical Orchids Print Maxi Dress

Written by Jerry Calisi


Posted on September 28 2020

Tropical Print Maxi Dress

Tropical trends have been hot for a few seasons now in both the worlds of fashion and interiors. Exotic flora and fauna are de rigeur with everything from palm leaves to pineapples and orchids to flamingos gracing both walls and wardrobes.

This look doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s for those who want to stand out, express themselves and have a little fun. Embracing the tropical trend is an easy way to inject a little humour and a lot of colour and it’s guaranteed to raise a smile. It’s bright and confident and very uplifting. The perfect summer trend. 

I’d say flower print and palm plant leaves are this particular trend’s signature look. I adore them equally. This is the orchid maxi dress at Jerry's Apparel. It reminds me of a wet water colour print, the way the colours blur into one another slightly. (It’s currently reduced from MSRP: $269.00  -  Selling Price: $134.50 and at the time of writing is still available in some sizes).



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