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Long Sleeved Polo Shirts for Men

Written by Jerry Calisi


Posted on October 25 2022

Long sleeves are great because they keep you warm in cold weather, but they also offer protection against sunburn and other skin damage. They're also easy to wash and dry quickly. 

Polo Shirts

Choose a Color That Fits You. 

There are so many different colors available today that finding one that fits your style can be difficult. If you’re looking for something classic, go with white or light blue. If you prefer more modern styles, try black, navy, or gray. 
When choosing a color for your new polo shirt, consider what kind of look you want to achieve. Do you want to wear it casually? Or would you rather dress it up with a pair of jeans and a blazer? The answer depends on whether you want to wear it with casual clothes or formal attire. For example, if you plan to wear it with jeans, choose a solid color such as black, navy, or dark green. However, if you plan to dress it up with a suit jacket, select a lighter shade such as tan, yellow, or pale pink. 
Find a Style That Works For You. 
Finding the right fit for your body type is key when shopping for a new polo shirt. Look for a size that fits snugly at the waist without being too tight. This will help keep the collar from riding up as you move. 
When choosing a polo shirt, look for one that has a longer length than most other shirts. A longer length helps create a flattering shape, while still allowing room for movement. If you prefer a shorter style, try pairing it with a pair of slacks or jeans instead.



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