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4 Ways to Organize Sports Bras

Written by Jerry Calisi


Posted on May 14 2020


Get a pack of wooden hangers.  How to store sports bras : Make sure that the hangers don't have that horizontal bar at the bottom for hanging legging pants. Try to get the kind of hanger that is made out of 2 pieces of wood and has a joint in the top, where the metal hook is. The joint will make it easier to insert the screw later on  

   * Plain wooden hangers will work the best, but you can try fabric-covered ones too.

   * Plan on getting between 4 and 6 hangers--1 for each sports bras. Keep in mind that this only works with strapped bras, not strapless. 



Screw an eye hook into the joint of each hanger, except for the last hanger. Turn the first hanger upside down so that you can see the underside. Find the joint where the 2 pieces come together, then screw a metal eye hook into the joint. Do this for all of the hangers, except for the last one.

       * The eye hook needs to be big enough for the hook part of the hanger to fit through.
       * If your hanger is made from a solid piece of wood the one that is used to hang the t-shirts, you'll have to drill a hole into the underside of the hanger first.
       * Make sure that the eye hook is oriented perpendicular to the hanger. You should not see the front O part of it, but the side. 

Close the hooks with pliers, if needed. Most eye hooks are closed so that they form a complete O-shape. Some eye hooks are open, so that form a question mark shape instead. If your hook is like the latter, pinch it closed with a pair of heavy-duty pliers. 


Hang the first hanger in your closet or from a hook on the wall. Make sure that you hang it high enough so that you can fit the other hangers under it. You'll need about 12 inches (30 cm) of space beneath the last hanger. 


Link the hangers together through the eye hooks. Slide the hook at the top of each hanger through the eye hook you installed at the bottom of each hanger. Add the hanger without the eye hook last. 


Hang your DIY sports bra hanger as desired. You should now have just 1 hook at the top of your hanger. You can hang it in your closet alongside the rest of your hangers, or you can hang it from a hook on the wall. Make sure that you leave about 1 to 2 feet of space under the last hanger, otherwise your undergarment may get dirty.  




Hang your sports bras from the hangers like you would hang shirts. Close the backstraps on each bras , then adjust the shoulder straps so that they are even. Slip the shoulder straps over the arms of the hangers, just like you would hang a t-shirt. Start hanging the corset from the bottom-most hanger, then work your way up to the top.

If the brassiere slip off of the hangers, take them off, then draw a squiggle of hot glue along the top of each hanger. Let the glue set, then put the bras back.



There is no right or wrong way to organize bras. Feel free to organize them however makes the most sense to you.

Avoid hanging bras by just 1 strap or from the middle, as this can damage them. If you want to hang your bras, hang them from both straps.

Many strapless bras actually contain slots for straps. Buy straps for them, insert the straps' hooks into the slots, then treat them as standard bras.

Tuck the straps from your bras into the cups. This will make your drawer look neater and keep the straps from getting tangled.



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