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Women's Leather Tote Bags

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Stylish Designer Tote Bags by Your Side  

Handbags Totes Stuff — so much stuff! Pick a large designer tote for busy days out or when you want to be prepared for the unexpected. Phone, tablet, wallet, keys, checkbook, tissues, reading glasses, also there's plenty of room for a sweater when things get chilly, a book for passing the time and a snack in case you're out past lunch. … And of course we have to lug it all around with us everywhere we go. Enter the handbag, our savior and our curse. Too small and you can’t fit everything in. Load it up with too much and you can’t find anything when you need it. Worse, you can wind up with an aching back and shoulders from all the weight. As you close out your day at the office, slip your laptop or tablet into a stylish yet functional women’s work tote, or consider a stylish backpack, which is a convenient way to carry a lot of things, and it’s easy on the back. It’s the perfect conveyance for books and small packages or carting bottles and snacks to parties.  

Designer Tote Bags 

Functional and stylish, the tote bag is the perfect accessory to step out with. Jerry's apparel offers a versatile selection of high-end designer and contemporary tote bags in an array of shapes and sizes. From pretty patterns and quilted nylon to luxe leather and metallic accents, pick from a stunning selection of designer totes that keep you on trend. Carry your essentials in a large tote bag that’s functional and trendy at the same time. There's plenty of room in a tote for your essentials and anything you pick up along the way. Everything nestles neatly inside with space and style to spare. You can easily browse through our collection by designer name, color, and size to find the perfect tote bag that matches your style. Shop for a great selection of handbags totes in a variety of designs at Jerry's Apparel.