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Women's Choker Necklaces

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Choker necklaces Collection   

Poise and grace abound when chokers are added to your jewelry collection. Chokers are incredibly trendy in today’s world, with celebrities, models, and fashion icons alike showcasing them in their day-to-day wear. We too love this look, which is why we’ve created a whole line of women’s choker necklaces at Jerry's apparel, making it easy to join in on the trend that has quickly become all the range in the world of fashion!  

Womens Collar Necklaces 

If it’s a casual affair you’re dressing for, chokers made out of leather, beads or velvet are perfect for keeping your look polished, yet informal. Our chokers bear a style from pearly leather chokers to heavily embellished crystal chokers, we have designs that are in sync with the latest fashion trends. Heading for an evening party? Choose from our selection of velvet chokers for an elegant look. As a necklace that has caught women’s attention since the flapper era, the continued fascination with the choker endures for a reason: Its utterly simplistic, yet sophisticated charm. Shop Jerry’s today to enhance the look of your neck with a varied selection of choker necklaces.