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Sterling Silver Chain Bracelets

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Classic Snake Chain Bracelet Silver

This unseamed sterling silver chain bracelets is a great choice to show case each adventure. The easy-on/easy-off threaded end cap allows you to customize the design again and again by adding or removing charms quickly and easily. Traditional (unseamed) snake chain is made from round, slightly curved metal plates or bands tightly joined together; the plates create a subtle zig-zag effect along the length of the chain.

Beads & Charms  

Pandora compatible beads for bracelets are all the rage nowadays. If you have been thinking about starting a Pandora compatible beads bracelet or adding some theme charms to an existing piece, our enormous selection of glass, sterling silver, and Swarovski crystal beads and charms is the perfect place for you to look. Browse through this section to look for themes that will help add a unique piece or two to your unique story bracelet. Buy a few of our very affordable charms for friends or loved ones and help them get started on a new piece of meaningful bead jewelry. Remember that a little pop of color can make a big difference to the overall look of your charm bead bracelet. Help to tell your individual story in a unique way with a fashionable piece of beaded jewelry you will never want to take off your wrist, shop sterling silver chain bracelets.