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Luxury Sunglasses Brands

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Brands of Designer Sunglasses 

Luxury sunglasses brands - It is good to take time at our shop to review the many designer sunglasses brands. This makes it easier to match better a specific design to one’s personality and style. There are certain designer lines that are more feminine, conservative, sophisticated, and revolutionary than others. The following are three brands that provide women with a specific starting point when setting out to shop for female designer sunglasses. 

Calvin Klein Jeans : If you want an urban, yet sexy look, then Calvin Klein Jeans sunglasses are the right choice for you. The sunglasses come in classic aviators in rim and rimless styles, round or square lenses. The brand is believed to be economical in the designer class and ideal for fashionable informal social occasions, just like these CK4288S, CK3174S or CKJ741S. 

Vespa : This brand is considered chic and exclusive, and the price varies depending on additional features. These shades are always made with exclusive and high quality materials, which can be seen in the extreme attention to detail the designs have, like these VP12PO, VP12PF or VP22OV.

Guess : Beautiful classic and oversized metal frames (made from reusable materials) or premium aviator shapes, Guess designs one of the most luxurious sunglasses available in the market: GF6016. 

Lens Colour  

Designer sunglasses for women come in various lens colours, with grey sunglasses lenses being the most popular type. This is due to the fact that the colour reduces brightness, but does not distort colour. Green lenses provide excellent colour contrast between objects, whereas brown and amber lens tints diminish glare, while distorting colour more than their grey counterparts. Blue designer sunglasses lenses are gaining a lot of popularity among women owing to its numerous attributes. Shop our luxury sunglasses brands today!