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Desigual Dresses for Women

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Desigual Women's Clothing 

People love putting fresh spins on classic Desigual dresses pieces because it’s new, yet familiar enough for an easy transition. This coming years we’re predicting to see these classic pieces being paired with bold printed skirts and pants, having contrasting cuffs and collars, and turned into wonderful shirt dresses. Basically, they’ve become something beyond a piece for pant-suits and office wear. For that, fashionistas everywhere are thankful!  

Desigual Spring Regular Dresses 

For Spring, you should expect more metal than ever. The runways were filled with shimmery skirts, heavy sequined jackets, and metallic patterned tops. Instead of relying on jewelry and shoes to provide that hint of metallic flair to your outfit, you might just want to be adorned with it. Silver, gold, and copper just may be stealing the spotlight this time around.If there’s one thing you can expect from spring it’s that shapes and colors go in full bloom. With that said, get ready for pop and fine art influences. Anything from bold text, to abstract brush strokes, to political pop art can expected to be making it’s way to wardrobes everywhere. We have one brand that’s been ahead of the game. Desigual dresses is all about pushing boundaries playing up the colorand bringing contrasting ideas together.