Women's Handbag Totes

Women's Handbag Totes

Women's Handbag Totes - Most of you must be aware of what tote bags are and why we use it for. 

Why You Need a Tote Handbag?

Most of you must be aware of what tote handbags are and why we use it for. Tote bags are one of the most all-purpose, useful and fashionable bags you can find in the market. Yes, tote bags just got an upgrade and now they are one of the most desired fashion icons you can find out there. To ‘tote’ something is to carry it along and these bags are especially crafted and designed to match its name. They are made up of cloth with handles for carrying or slinging over your shoulder which makes them smarter and the most convenient carry-along bags in the market.

All Handbag Made for Busy Women

Handbags Made for Busy Women - Frankly, we’re not always huge proponents of large totes (see: our love for backpacks and fannies) if only because, if you actually fill them up and regularly carry them around for hours, you’ll 100 percent end up in pain and probably with some screwed-up posture. Not comfortable or chic. So we’ll preface this by saying that every lady should own a smaller, more manageable bag that functions as your day-to-day purse, if only because it forces you to edit down what you haul around.

All Purpose Carry Along

The uses of carry-on are actually flexible. It’s totally on the owner how she/ he need it to be used. A tote can also be your secondary bag as they folds up neatly just enough to be tucked away in your primary handbag. They ate the ones you can carry along to your head office or flaunt your fashion sense out on a trek with the girls. In fact, having a tote bag is like having a survival kit which you cannot afford to leave home without.

The Roomy Tote.

When it comes to carry-along bags, you girls personally prefer the bags which are bigger in size so as to stuff all our miniature stuffs to those huge laptops and those humongous amounts of tissues. Totes are big! Totes are big enough to include all your desirable plus you’ll have leftover space to stuff that cute black dress that caught your eye on the way.

Large Multi-Compartment Tote

These multi-compartment tote are equipped with more than enough room to fit all your work and play items into a multi space—and there are options for every style preference, whether you’re a minimalist city girl or a laid-back free spirit.

Dual Natured

The exact term to be used should be ‘versatile’. A tote is simple and stylish at the same time. You can tag one along with your commute to the market and even a party. Matching tote bags with outfits and accessories to go along with are common these days. Tote bags can even replace your statement clutches and can lead you towards the fashion community with a bold statement.

An Extra Hand

It could be work or even a picnic, there are times we need an extra hand to carry some extra stuffs. This can even include an extra pair of shoes to exchange with those sensible flats or even a sudden attire change into that perfect cute dress. When you have kids around, travelling becomes a lot more hectic as you need to carry wipes, snacks, a toy, a book or two and heaven knows what else! Totes can be the best and smartest switch from your regular handbag for situations like this.

Large Bags Carry-on

However, handbag doesn’t mean we’ve eliminated our need for large bags completely. Whether you’re traveling and you want to make the most out of your second carry-on, or are headed somewhere for the day that requires you to bring your laptop, a jacket, a snack, or whatever—life fairly frequently calls for a roomy, carry-all purses that you can throw a bunch of stuff into. And if you’re going to use a large bag anyway, you might as well make it a cute one.

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