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What is the difference between sweatshirt and jacket?

Written by Jerry Calisi


Posted on September 21 2021

Sweatshirt:- It is a full sleeved, Collar less pullover type garment for upper body made from cotton or wolly materials or blend of both. The sleeves at the end comprise of elastic grip which help the sleeve to stay on the wrist with comfortable grip and at the bottom also it has a elastic grip which grip over the waist. The main concept behind Sweatshirt was carrying out athletic activity during winters with ease but now a days it is a fundamental style statement among masses specially for the teenagers. 


Jacket :- Defining jacket, it can said that it is a casual format of formal Coat created for casual event and meant to be worn during Winter month. It basically have collar( with culture blend even we can see mandarin collar jacket) and not surprisingly it can also have lapels,further it can either have buttons or Zip or even both, and can vary from Full sleeve to half sleeve to even sleeveless with material ranging from Leather, jeans to pure cotton( literally any clothing fabric can be used). 




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